Still 2:00PM by 2PM

The short of it: Don’t be fooled by what to my mind is horrible make-up, this is a great album. It’ll sound a bit (though really just a bit) like 1:59pm; nevertheless it still works. They’ve mastered the club dance beat, creating the climaxes perfectly, and they’ve mastered the sweet slow song. Though I hesitate to say this, it’s almost as if the album is too short.

Take-a-fourth: I’ll Be Back \ 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me) \ I Can’t

Tracklist: 1. Still 2. I’ll Be Back 3. 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me) 4. I Can’t 5. I Know 6. Dance 2night 7. I’ll Be Back – Club mix Continue reading


Starter Kit: 2PM

So 2PM is coming back in a few days time with their new album Still 2:00PM. My 2 cents on the new comeback photos: I like them a lot (mostly because I’m a fan of that photoshop effect). The hard part about a 2PM starter kit is they’re one of the most controversial groups in the past years. So for those who are extremely new, just google 2PM’s exleader Jay Park: you’ll get a heinous amount of information. But it’s safe to say that chariteee and I have mostly moved on from all that and are perfectly fine with 2PM and Jay Park being on the kpop scene with different careers (except, occasionally, when listening to the 1:59PM album: it’s the saddest thing ever to hear Jay Park all over it and him not having promoted the album with 2PM). But on to the starter kit… Continue reading