To Anyone by 2NE1

The-short-of-it: I listened to “It Hurts” and, granted it was raining outside and even in other aspects, it wasn’t my most chipper day, the song and I became temporary co-sojourners. Yeah, it’s that type of a song, the sort that completes your melancholy, that turns that bitter pill into that bowl of cold noodles you slowly eat, that lets you wallow when you don’t want to do anything else but wallow.

Take-a-fourth: Go Away (타이틀곡) \ 박수 쳐 Clap your hands \ 아파 (Slow) It hurts

Tracklist: 1. Can’t Nobody (타이틀곡) 2. Go Away (타이틀곡) 3. 박수 쳐 Clap your hands 4. 난 바빠 I’m busy 5. 아파 (Slow) It hurts 6. 사랑은 아야야 작사 Love Hurts 7. You & I (박 봄 솔로) 8. Please Don’t Go ( CL & 민지) 9. Kiss (산다라 솔로) 10. 날 따라 해봐요 작사 11. I Don’t Care (Reggae mix) 12. Can’t Nobody (Eng. ver)

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