this week in kpop land (Aug 6, 2010)

you have Taeyang (unexpectedly) saying goodbye (though with the promise of a new single in his upcoming International Release of Solar), SHINee winning Music Bank, Se7en winning M!Countdown (album review here), comebacks from Hwanhee (reviewed here) and more notably from Infinite (review coming soon!) —- but really, most of that just became water under the bridge because     BOA IS BACK.      samkpopsal, chariteee and I just came from our debriefing on BoA’s comeback stage on Music Bank, and we were quite successful in alienating Abraham because there was much to be said about it. It was good, it was bad (you’ll get samkpopsal’s review on the comeback and chariteee’s full album review later this week), but one thing’s for sure, only BoA can make such an entrance. In the meantime, if you can get your computer off of perpetual repeat of “Hurricane Venus” get your BoA fix here at kpop unwrapped with our BoA Starter Kit or at samkpopsal’s review of the Game MV.

you have SHINee winning some, Se7en winning some, you have SHINee winning some, Se7en winning some,