Starter Kit: 2PM

So 2PM is coming back in a few days time with their new album Still 2:00PM. My 2 cents on the new comeback photos: I like them a lot (mostly because I’m a fan of that photoshop effect). The hard part about a 2PM starter kit is they’re one of the most controversial groups in the past years. So for those who are extremely new, just google 2PM’s exleader Jay Park: you’ll get a heinous amount of information. But it’s safe to say that chariteee and I have mostly moved on from all that and are perfectly fine with 2PM and Jay Park being on the kpop scene with different careers (except, occasionally, when listening to the 1:59PM album: it’s the saddest thing ever to hear Jay Park all over it and him not having promoted the album with 2PM). But on to the starter kit… Continue reading


Starter Kit: BoA

With SME’s power female solo releasing her 6th Korean album Hurricane Venus August 5, 2010, the new kpop listeners among us might be feeling alienated (or confused) by all the anxious waiting. Though it’s almost impossible to come up with a short Starter Kit for her, here’s what we’ve got: