SISTAR’s “Give it to Me” : 55 cuts in 29 seconds! vs. make-you-feel-oh-so-right verses!

55 cuts! The camera cuts 55 times during the first 29-sec chorus! Question is: do the imperfections of MV outweigh really good verses, a rare find in KPop these days?

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BoA kicks off Vol. 6 with Game


Oh BoA…the games you play…haha ok. After a lengthy stint promoting and performing her music abroad, Kwon Boa has returned to Korea for Vol. 6! WOOO! (Weekend? anybody? no…sad (O_0)) As many artists release teasers of their songs and of their MV’s, Game is a teaser of her album Vol. 6 Hurricane Venus (it was released prior to the album, this review is just really late…haha my bad). Yes, a teaser should reveal little bits and pieces of the mood and concept for the song, the MV, or in this case the album. With that, I have to say I was really surprised. From what I know of BoA, she has a beautiful voice and some crazy dance skills, neither of which are truly featured or showcased in Game. I’m not condemning it, I actually really like the song, it’s just different than what I expected of her, sometimes different can be good, no?

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f(x-1) follow Nu ABO with Mr. Boogie

f(x)The title track is what all the initial hype is about when an artist or group is making a debut or a comeback. The title track is many times the most popular and gets the longest promotional period with performances on the music shows, but it is the follow-up track that shows the true staying power of an artist or idol group. The follow-up track is a chance to showcase what could not be shown in the title track. For f(x) the title track was Nu ABO and it was well received. But now the real test, f(x) followed up Nu ABO with Mr. Boogie. Continue reading

삼K-Pop살 (SaM*K-Pop*SaL)


A play on the Korean dish,  삼겹살 or samgyeopsal, the name explains what I’ll be doing in my corner. As 삼겹살 translates roughly to “three layered meat”, 삼K-Pop살 means that my reviews are based on three things that I see as the real meat and substance of the K-Pop MVs and performances.

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