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According to sanguineItinerant, I’m the “dictatress,” but in reality, I’m just the chill yet opinionated girl who thought it’d be cool to start up a blog. Most of what I’ll be doing for the site is overseeing the site and doing a crapload of reviews for albums, artists, performances and maybe even some concerts. For me, I’m all about being honest and at the same time fair. I enjoy keeping it real especially when it comes to evaluating music. I’m not a music genius or even trained in that field (although I’ve definitely contemplated it), but my approach to reviewing music, especially kpop, is to be holistic. To look at not only the actual quality of the music these artists are giving us but also whether this music is in tune with what’s hot in kpop. While legitimately good music (not just catchy…there is a difference!!) and awesome vocals are always THE BIGGIES for me when it comes to kpop, I think that what makes up an artist is much more than that and I hope to touch upon that too as I go through these reviews.


I am the vice to our dictatress chariteee. I maintain the blog as a whole, making sure all our bloggers tag and categorize entries correctly, maintain our ever-expanding lists (categorized according to entertainment company, artist or album) of reviews, and of course, take my hand at reviewing the albums. My main process with my reviews is to give a quick listen to the album as a whole, and then focus on songs that caught by attention (good or bad ones), and expand from there. One of my main catch-phrases is the whole “can you get over…” and it mainly stems from a theory that since kPop (and music) is a lot of experimentation (in either creating something new, or bringing something from the past), and that sometimes songs either crossover, i.e., listeners are able to get over this weird rift, or are completely turned off.



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