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What we’re all about:



My main inspiration for this website was dramabeans.com where the blogger over there was doing something really amazing. On our own chariteee and I enjoyed our k-dramas, but we’d always end up reading javabeans reviews. We noticed that her critical analysis, pointing out elements (that we missed), etc, really enhanced our enjoyment of the dramas. It was a combination of the depth at which one would understand the drama as well as sharing the experience with fellow enthusiasts, that takes one’s satisfaction to another level.  This is our main purpose, that by, hopefully, turning some critical eye on albums, pointing out elements, comparing it to other albums by the same artist or by others, as well as the milieu of kPop during that month, we can enhance your experience of the kPop world that we love.

I personally also wanted this blog to be a repository of knowledge. For example, I hope that as we become more comprehensive, one might be able to take a trip down one artist’s production of albums, how he/she has changed or what not. The other part to this is that we hope to help you guys discover (or make some more informed decision) about albums. I always enjoy when I discover unreleased gems in albums, like Holiday in CNBlue’s debut album, or Echo in SNSD’s Run Devil Run, and get as addicted to these as I was to  the carrier songs. And not the least of course is to be able to give some input if the album as a whole is worth both your support and money.

Chariteee and I are voracious consumers of kPop, and as most of you guys are likely to have already realized, it’s a huge experience. Which is why we hope to be as encompassing as possible. This is why we offer samkpopsal’s reviews of the choreography, or will feature links to various blogs about other events in the kPop world, or will compile top and worst albums. Hopefully, that’ll be just about enough! Enjoy!


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