SISTAR’s “Give it to Me” : 55 cuts in 29 seconds! vs. make-you-feel-oh-so-right verses!

55 cuts! The camera cuts 55 times during the first 29-sec chorus! Question is: do the imperfections of MV outweigh really good verses, a rare find in KPop these days?

Seeing as the video has been on replay on my screen throughout the whole of today, it’s pretty clear. Clearer even than the girl group’s all-kill on Korean charts (link). Still doesn’t mean flaws don’t need to be fleshed out. Here goes:

The MV has ADHD. Superfluous cutting is not only uncomfortable, it also shortchanges choreography and other stagework: give credit to the dance! Add to this, dissonant styling. The black-silver set (0:22) works with main red-gold one, but the blue set (1:00) is just chaos. Blue gives the wrong tone and throws off the sass of reg-gold Moulin Rouge. Yes, I understand, the girls look good in all those sets, in all those poses, yes you need to sell, sell, sell, but you need to give ample breathing room for concepts.

Which is also why the MV and the song is a win: it has great concepts. Bora in that ring (2:22)? YES please! Sassy snapping (0:33)? YEEESSS! And in contrast to being all over the place is the sweet spot, in the bridge (2:35), where we attenuate to clapping and piano, the chorus line leg-display-walking as the music swells: that’s a moment. Lastly, sure Hyorin can riff her way through the song–that’s necessary–but those verses are great. When Soyou starts out (0:29), pwnage is CLEARLY established. Dasom’s part at 1:40 is just the right amount of improvisation on a repeated verse pattern to make it the opposite of boring.

Overall: clear win.


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