To Anyone by 2NE1

The-short-of-it: I listened to “It Hurts” and, granted it was raining outside and even in other aspects, it wasn’t my most chipper day, the song and I became temporary co-sojourners. Yeah, it’s that type of a song, the sort that completes your melancholy, that turns that bitter pill into that bowl of cold noodles you slowly eat, that lets you wallow when you don’t want to do anything else but wallow.

Take-a-fourth: Go Away (타이틀곡) \ 박수 쳐 Clap your hands \ 아파 (Slow) It hurts

Tracklist: 1. Can’t Nobody (타이틀곡) 2. Go Away (타이틀곡) 3. 박수 쳐 Clap your hands 4. 난 바빠 I’m busy 5. 아파 (Slow) It hurts 6. 사랑은 아야야 작사 Love Hurts 7. You & I (박 봄 솔로) 8. Please Don’t Go ( CL & 민지) 9. Kiss (산다라 솔로) 10. 날 따라 해봐요 작사 11. I Don’t Care (Reggae mix) 12. Can’t Nobody (Eng. ver)

“It Hurts” reminds me a bit of Keyshia Cole’s “Love” in that both are indulgent enough in the sadness portrayed that it loads the way these are sung. This means the notes are extended to the point of discomfort, the notes are allowed to waver, just be inconsistent and almost falter, and the same words are just sung over and over again. And as with these songs, and if you’re in mood, we forgive and even relish such and and just share in the common experience of hurt.

On days you’re not willing to give in to the sadness, you’ll actually notice how CL’s and Bom’s vocals in the song border on being grating in the song, and certainly you can blame the production on this one, attenuating a bit their vocals compared with rest of the musical features might have actually done the trick. As a result though, it’s when Minzy and Dara sing their parts in this mellow way that it’s more enjoyable. Bom’s I only truly enjoyed during the last parts of the song, because the climax calls for it (and this is actually a really really good part of the song).

 The MV certainly plays well with what the song is. The concept of sadness even for the Halloween creatures into which the 2NE1 girls transformed appealed to my musings on the universality of sadness. Not to mention the art that everything about it, the hair, the fashion, even the settings, was creating. I for one thought the bone cake was awesome, as well as the roof scene (I mean the roof is where Gothic creatures obviously hang out), and Bom’s umbrella.

So this is the R&B part of 2NE1 and it isn’t bad at all.


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