Hoot by SNSD

A surprising SNSD comeback, I think it’s a treat that we get three albums in the span of a year, and it seems like they just released “Run Devil Run.” But the “Hoot” MV is out (link under the cut!) and well it’s quite awesome.

Tracklist: 1. “Hoot” (훗) 2. “Mistake” (내 잘못이죠) 3. “My Best Friend” (단짝) 4.”Wake up” (일어나) 5. “Snowy Wish” (Korean: 첫눈에) 6. “Hoot” (English version)

So I share what I think is a pretty general experience of the song. The teasers were great at creating hype, but they also caused that I be underwhelmed by the song once it came out. The teaser basically showcased the most interesting part of the song, the latter half of the chorus, and though there was more to discover about the song, the rest of the parts would pale in comparison, at least at first listen. But though I did not escape being underwhelmed, I could tell that I would grow to love the song. First of all, it is my kind of SNSD song, i.e., it had good vocals. For me, this means it deviated (generally) from the cutesy singing of “Oh!” and “Gee” that just never got me as much as the sexy singing of “Run Devil Run” and my all-time favorite SNSD song “Genie”. In “Hoot”, the low-registered singing, particularly those in the build-ups to the chorus and the bridge, I just loved those parts. I just appreciate it so much more than the pinched-vocal chord singing they do in their cute songs. And can we continue to talk about that chorus?! I just think it’s just so creative and unique, musical feature-wise, and not to mention really I-WILL-CAUSE-MY-GETTING-STUCK-IN-YOUR-HEAD-catchy. 

I’ll be honest though, I think Hoot’s greatest strength is its MV, and likely, its performances. I’ll explain the great quality of the MV through the nuances. You’ll notice things like the perspective-moving “Girls’ Generataion Hoot” sign at the beginning, the color contrasts between the spy scenes and dance scenes, and the dynamic transitioning between scenes (like the pan-out from the eye of the painting). Needless to say, the 70’s theme, from the psychedelic backgrounds to the costumes and hairstyles, was used to the hilt. Choi Siwon as a spy, certainly not new anymore (so many recycled shots from Athena), but still as effective in creating that narrative. But the greatest feature? It’s of course the girls. Chariteee’s well-aware of this bias, but I’ll say it anyway, SooYoung was the star of this one for me (please marry me!). True, not by much, as the rest of the girls just commanded the screen fully when they came up. But let’s try to analyze this a bit. The choreography is relatively straightforward (and nowhere as challenging as that in “Lucifer” for example). Yet why are we all going to love it? It’s SNSD and their use of femininity. I think that of all the girl groups out there, it’s SNSD that is able to capitalize on this the most. The choreography is meant, more than anything, to be feminine, sexy, delicate, and cute, and not to mention, it has to highlight things like legs, and well other things… The other side of the equation is of course SM Entertainment, which for all its faults, is able to give us the highest quality of things, and to keep things classy. SNSD for one thing has never done a lift-your-shirt-dance (yes—that’s you Rainbow), nor have they danced in little-bo-peep (that’s you Orange Caramel), or even worse, done a, well,  9-muses.

So that’s mostly it, there’s a possibility this post is just a meantime-thing, and will get overwritten by Chariteee. I’m really digging “Wake Up”, and “Mistake” and “My Best Friend” are not bad either, but really, just stay tuned for the rest of the album review.

Links: 1. “Hoot” (훗) 2.  “Mistake” (내 잘못이죠) 3. “My Best Friend” (단짝) 4. “Wake up” (일어나) 5. “Snowy Wish” (Korean: 첫눈에) 6. “Hoot” (English version)


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