Starter Kit: 2PM

So 2PM is coming back in a few days time with their new album Still 2:00PM. My 2 cents on the new comeback photos: I like them a lot (mostly because I’m a fan of that photoshop effect). The hard part about a 2PM starter kit is they’re one of the most controversial groups in the past years. So for those who are extremely new, just google 2PM’s exleader Jay Park: you’ll get a heinous amount of information. But it’s safe to say that chariteee and I have mostly moved on from all that and are perfectly fine with 2PM and Jay Park being on the kpop scene with different careers (except, occasionally, when listening to the 1:59PM album: it’s the saddest thing ever to hear Jay Park all over it and him not having promoted the album with 2PM). But on to the starter kit…

So they’re an idol group mostly because of Hot Blood Men which chariteee forced me to watch over the summer (you’ll find BEAST’s leader DooJoon as one of the original group who got axed). But if you want to get to the heart of 2PM (at least outside their music), you have to realize that they’re a boy group that actually has talent (except one might sometimes have doubts about Chansung or Nichkhun (yes people are going to hate me)). The point though: they’re likely to be the most legitimate mainstream idol b-boying group (Chansung basically redeems himself in this aspect). Vocally, Junho and Junsu (and Jaebeom when he was still in it) are amazing (and Wooyoung is good). Taecyeon and Chansung are hit-miss when rapping, but get amazing when they do it right. Finally, they’re great performers, the type that oozes with playful charisma when called for, watch a 10 out of 10 live performance, or beastliness (as kpop nowadays fondly calls it) when needed (an Again and Again or a Tired of Waiting performance for this one).

But, on to my essential 2pm

Hottest Time of the Day: “10 Out of 10” : just a fun and endearing song

2:00PM Time for Change: “Again and Again”: 2009 song of the year, and probably the song they are most famous for. Great dance, great singing, great rapping. 

The First Album 1:59PM: Now this is one of the strongest kpop albums for me. When I first listened to the whole of it, I thought and still think it was such a waste that they were promoting Heartbeat, which, even after its success and great performances to go with the awesome choreography, I think is still one of the weaker songs of the album. And that’s saying something because Taecyeon and Chansung have AMAZING raps in this song, and Wooyoung, Junso, and Junho have great vocals. I was all over “Tired of Waiting”, “I Was Crazy About You”, and “Back 2U” when the album came out (SO MANY REPLAYS!), and they are songs that I still listen to when I’m not distracted by the current hits. (LOL I realized I can’t even begin to put in to words all the parts I love about these three songs.) So I’ll just mention “All Night Long“, another great slow song, and “Gimme the Light” which just has (and let me borrow from chariteee because it’s apt) a delicious rap. Yeah, people should just buy this album because it’s so worth it. 

Don’t Stop Can’t Stop Without U” is actually a good song (and it was successful too), and it had a great dance, but it just paled in comparison to the previous album. Still worth your listen though…

So there’s that, chariteee will probably use her dictatress powers to veto me and get the 2PM review so wait for that…


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