Oh! My Goddess [오! 나의 여신님] by TRAX

the short of it: This track is definitely different from what TRAX has released in the past. Though it’s a bit more mainstream kpop then their older stuff, it’s a welcomed change as this style actually allows Jay’s great vocals to shine even more. The song is worth more than just one listen and is sure to be on repeat for hours if not days.


Since this is a review of a single track, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I never listened to TRAX because their music had never appealed to me and they had always kind of scared me (and what the hell was up with what their name stands for: “Typhoon of the Rose Attack on Xmas”??). I associated them with the whole goth, punk rock genre [excuse my ignorant generalization here]  that was really popular in Japan [i.e. GACKT]. Even though they were from SM [interesting right?], I just could never get over the screaming and heavy and sharp sounds. It also didn’t help that by the time I had gotten over my Rain and TVXQ phase that TRAX members were starting to leave the band and so they kind of stopped promoting for a while. The most I heard of them was them appearing on variety shows with Super Junior or Jung Mo doing guitar covers, the most popular one that of SNSD’s “Oh!”

Although I had never been a fan of their music, I think it’s a shame that they’ve been gone for so long because they’re actually really talented whether it be vocally [aka Jay aka Typhoon] or with their respective instrument [aka Jung Mo with the guitar]. So they actually came back earlier this year but I didn’t really give that album a listen. I don’t really remember them promoting it and if they did, that’s my bad [but in my defense, there probably wasn’t much publicity about it and therefore they went unnoticed]. Now back to the topic on hand, TRAX’s new track, “Oh! My Goddess.” This track is GREAT, amazing even. For me, it’s fresh and just makes me feel good. I think the reason why it’s so easy to like is it’s so similar to what a lot of us listeners already know and love: the kpop rock (I’m going to be careful calling it rock) that’s on the rise and American pop rock that has a pervasive effect on other countries’ pop and pop rock. It also mixes in some effects that are commonly found in other genres of music such as the slight autotune and mixed beats seen in current hip hop, R&B and pop and a little bit of that enya sound interspersed throughout. Yet, while playing to familiar beats and feelings, the song also gives off a sound like something we’ve never heard before. Although most people are paying attention to TRAX because of Seohyun’s appearance in the music video, it’s good to know that people are looking past Seohyun and realizing the amazingness of this song because it only takes one listen to get hooked. Even though TRAX only has two members (left), they’re giving us some bomb ass music that is definitely more relatable and likeable to the masses than their past music.

Check out the music video featuring SNSD’s Seohyun. While Seohyun is absolutely gorgeous here, there is SO MUCH charisma exuding from Jay [on vocals] and Jung Mo [on guitar] that you can tell that they’re freaking veterans.


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