I’ll Be There by Taeyang

the short of it: As much as I loved Taeyang’s title track off of Solar, “I Need a Girl,” I think that something like “I’ll Be There” would have been a much more appropriate track. That being said, I’m absolutely ecstatic that Taeyang released this song and is now promoting it.

take-a-fourth: This song is definitely reminiscent of YG and Taeyang’s style and is a welcome addition to the long list of amazing songs that Taeyang has released over the past few years. What a winnnn!

Just a small disclaimer: I’m just reviewing a single track and not the entire Solar album since our resident Taeyang fanboy, sanguineitinerant, had already done that earlier here.

I LOVELOVELOVE Big Bang. I’ve been a V.I.P since “Lalala” but thankfully, I’m not freaking crazy. That being said, I’ve also been a long-time huge fan of Taeyang whether it be of his vocals, dancing skills and even his hot bod and looks. Yet, I’ve always felt like he’s never had a real chance to really take the spotlight in Big Bang. I’m not saying that Big Bang doesn’t show off his talent or give him time to shine because they definitely do. While I feel like all of the BB boys are really talented and charismatic, I just think that Taeyang doesn’t necessarily stand out as much as some of the other ones do (in particular, GD and T.O.P). Because of this, I think him going solo was probably the most amazing idea ever because he finally got a chance to show people what he can do and holy crap is he solid whether it be in dancing or singing. Not gonna lie, he is probably the best singer and dancer in BB. Just listen to how large the range is in some of his solo tracks and watch him KILL hardass choreography and make it look easy. This boy has major talent and is able to hold his on as a solo artist. Super random side note: I actually think that all the BB boys are pretty badass solo artists so I definitely love their solo ventures into kpop (such a WIN).

Moving onto the actual review of the single. I love that eerie vibe that the song gives off (and the mv solidifies that feeling). The lyrics also seem to have this sense of urgency and obsessiveness which adds to the dark tone of the song. I’m also digging how simple the beats are in this song and the repetitiveness of this song. There are like two to three background sound patterns that this song uses and the beats that make up those patterns are very very simple and kind of old school sounding. The simplicity of the song’s beats and sounds make the song easy to get used to and familiar with. Furthermore, they allow the notes that Taeyang actually sings to really stand out. I think that had this song been Taeyang’s title track for Solar, he might have had greater success with his most recent comeback; not to say “I Need a Girl” wasn’t a win for most Taeyang fans but I read in a lot of places that people were disappointed.

Also, if y’all haven’t checked out the mv (below) or a performance of “I’ll Be There”, you guys are missing out because the choreography from Shaun Evaristo  is absolutely SICKKKK and Taeyang performs it so well that it’s basically perfection. This track and choreo just show how freaking talented Taeyang is and what a beast he can be on stage.


2 comments on “I’ll Be There by Taeyang

  1. the other superwin for me in the new SOLAR international album is “connection”, which is such a catchy song! but yeah, true that!: i really wish this had been his title track. it’s the sort of song to compare with “wedding dress” (over “I need a girl”) because of amazing choreo, catchy sound, nice vocals…

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