HDK to help Jay

Hey guys. This is not a review, just some news from the grapevine. If you haven’t already heard, there’s some fresh choreographers heading to Korea and  they are some of my favorites. Jay Park recently revealed a photo of him on the set of his MV for the song Demon on the Hype Nation soundtrack.ANDREW B. JACKIE L. and Jay

That’s not the news I want to talk about, but rather the other people in the photo.  Andrew Baterina and Jackie Lautchang are also there on the set. These two are some of the hottest choreographers out there and seeing their faces makes this video an automatic watch for choreography and overall good dancing. HDK stands for High Define Koncepts (Hoes Don’t Know) etc. The company that these two choreographers helped to make. They made their way up in the dance world with SOReal Cru from Houston and after getting pretty far in America’s Best Dance Crew, they continued to improve and create some of the freshest choreography out there. I can’t wait to see what they do in the demon MV. The choreography credit goes to Andrew Baterina, but I hope that Jackie will also find some work in KPop and that we’ll see it soon.


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