BoA kicks off Vol. 6 with Game


Oh BoA…the games you play…haha ok. After a lengthy stint promoting and performing her music abroad, Kwon Boa has returned to Korea for Vol. 6! WOOO! (Weekend? anybody? no…sad (O_0)) As many artists release teasers of their songs and of their MV’s, Game is a teaser of her album Vol. 6 Hurricane Venus (it was released prior to the album, this review is just really late…haha my bad). Yes, a teaser should reveal little bits and pieces of the mood and concept for the song, the MV, or in this case the album. With that, I have to say I was really surprised. From what I know of BoA, she has a beautiful voice and some crazy dance skills, neither of which are truly featured or showcased in Game. I’m not condemning it, I actually really like the song, it’s just different than what I expected of her, sometimes different can be good, no?

CHOREOGRAPHY: Hmm…well this is awkward. Okay, to be honest I can’t really comment on something that isn’t there. There is dancing, but it’s not choreography. If it is, then the choreographer did a great job making it look like a freestyle from BoA. I’m not saying that there isn’t any dancing, but its not the kind that I would expect from a choreography queen such as BoA. It’s different, but most certainly not bad, per se. The dancing, that she does do, really shows a different side of BoA. A new direction that she is heading towards perhaps? The dancing gives off a cute vibe, but at the same time a sexy and more mature style.

THEME: There are so many different scenes in this MV that it’s hard to nail down a singular theme that unites them. From the beginning “behind the scenes, pre-shoot footage” and the Lady Gaga-esque walk from the car, to the revolving scenes with the flowing scarf and the party, the scenes don’t necessarily “fit together” in ways that most people think about. As a whole, the video has somewhat of a retro-feel. Like a blast from the past, which it is in more ways than one. BoA, herself, is a blast from the past, 5 years seems like an eternity compared to the lengths between the comebacks of most other artists on the KPop scene. At the same time, this retro vibe plays well with how she is dancing and portraying herself in the video. She is showing that she is fun-loving and energetic. Now on to the look, like I said before the retro-vibe plays well with the other elements of the song and of the video. The differing hairstyles also go well with the changing scenes. From the short-blonde look to the wavy brunette, BoA looks good in a plethora of hairstyles, haha.

PERFORMANCE/STAGE PRESENCE/CHARISMA: There’s really not much to say here that hasn’t already been said. BoA performs in a way that goes well with the multiple scenes and looks good doing it. She’s having fun with her freestyle and groove and her facial expressions are amazing. BoA shows off her aegyo a lot, and made me laugh when she played with the drawn-on devil horns and the ice cream!



Pros: Visually entertaining with many things to look at, blonde hair a good look for BoA, her aegyo and she has fun!

Cons: There’s really not that much dancing in the video…at least choreography-wise

MVP: umm who else? BoA for performance but mostly for her aegyo…(^-^)

FINAL SAY: An interesting choice for the teaser (already having listened to the album), but honestly there was no way I could have predicted the type of album that it is from this video. Not what I would have chosen for the teaser song, but not a bad choice. She’s already performed her other songs, so a new post about BoA will be coming soon…


2 comments on “BoA kicks off Vol. 6 with Game

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  2. I share your ambivalence(?), confusion(?), having nothing to say(?) about a lot of things in the video. there was dancing but not really, there were themes but not really. What was clear however, was that SME had to put out a video prior to “Hurricane Venus” as a teaser, yes, but also as a re-introduction to BoA. And this was actually quite a difficult thing. You had to target both people who’ve never heard of BoA, as well as the many who have. The video had to show a sassy diva side to her to remind people or establish her legacy, hence the pre-shoot scenes as well as the walk to the car etc. But it also had to show a reinvented side to her (for the people who still see her as that chubby-cheeked girl). It had to show she could dance, but not so much as to overshadow whatever “Hurricane Venus” would bring. Plus other random stuff like being fun, being sexy, etc.. (so I have an inkling that the random imagery served other purposes too). and the last part? well i think SME just wanted to test out there new 3D camera technology. haha

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