f(x-1) follow Nu ABO with Mr. Boogie

f(x)The title track is what all the initial hype is about when an artist or group is making a debut or a comeback. The title track is many times the most popular and gets the longest promotional period with performances on the music shows, but it is the follow-up track that shows the true staying power of an artist or idol group. The follow-up track is a chance to showcase what could not be shown in the title track. For f(x) the title track was Nu ABO and it was well received. But now the real test, f(x) followed up Nu ABO with Mr. Boogie. This post will cover the two performances of Mr. Boogie, on Music Core and Inkigayo. An added challenge for the members is that during these two performances, Amber (IMO the best dancer in the group) is out with an ankle injury.

CHOREOGRAPHY: To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. Compared to what I’ve seen f(x) do before, its somewhat lackluster with occasional flashes of brilliance. LA chA TA and Chu both had exciting moves that went well with the themes that the songs and members were portraying, but Mr. Boogie seems to be missing some of that.  It’s not the members because they started their comeback with Nu ABO, choreographed by The Geminiz, Rino and Maryss. It’s not even because of the song itself, Mr. Boogie has a great driving beat that is syncopated with the melody and the synth. There should be no reason why the choreography shouldn’t be as exciting and enticing as all the other songs they’ve performed.

That being said, it’s not necessarily bad choreography. I can see where the choreographer was trying to take it and I’ll talk more about it in the Theme section. I really liked some parts in the performances. Particularly the dance break at around 2:02, it reminded me of the choreography from their other songs in terms of energy and movement. There was also a roll-off which I enjoyed. As far as formations and transitions go, four dancers is a hard number to keep people entertained. There’s just not that much you can do, but they made the best of it. At 1:18 they move into a formation with Luna behind Krystal, and Victoria and Sulli flanking Krystal at the front. It creates a really nice picture that focuses on Krystal as she sings her solo part. Aside from this, members were each put on the spot and made to stick out (in a good way) during their portions of the song. The formation constantly moving, spinning in order to give each member their due time at the front. Yet, I would have liked to see some more creative transitions, most of them just involved walking to the beat. Overall, the choreography is good, but not great, and definitely not even close to the best I’ve seen from f(x). Advice to choreographer of this song, if the people performing can dance, MAKE THEM DANCE.

THEME: Going the way of their elders at SM Entertainment (and in Krystal’s case the way of her older sister), f(x) took on a darker look, much like Black Soshi or in this case DARK f(x)! (yea I know, not a very creative name…(-_-). There was no doubt that for this mini-album, the group was going for a more mature and somewhat darker tone. For the most part, I like the look on the members. They all look good in black, haha. That being said, it’s hard to see how Amber would be incorporated into this theme. Would she wear a black tux? Just a question to think about. Okay back to the performances, I really liked how the choreographer chose to highlight each of the members during their solo parts of the song. In this way, the formations really made sense with the song, albeit in a more literal and practical sense. Of the songs on their new mini-album, this was the right song to choose to go darker, the tones of the song go well with the look in both performances.

PERFORMANCE/STAGE PRESENCE/CHARISMA: Ahh, this is kind of a mixed bag for me. While the song suggests a darker tone, more mature, the performances by the members left me kind of confused as to what the tone should be. Some of the choreography was spot on, and the hits were amazing. The chest pop was all together and powerful, and most of the hand movements snapped with the beat of the song. Yes, I said MOST. For some of the performance, moves tended to become sloppy and blended together, at some points it seemed as if there was no feeling in the movements. I saw this mostly in Krystal, but Sulli also had a couple “tired” moments. While these moments were short lived, I’d rather see mistakes when people are going all out and giving it their all, then sloppiness due to tiredness, etc. Facials were also somewhat confusing, while many of the members had more seductive, sexy looks, there was always one who had a smile that, to me, seemed out of place, and then at one point everyone was smiling except one member. These moments are somewhat dispersed, but a group should really agree as to what the mood of the song is and produce facial expressions accordingly. Needless to say, they look good while doing any type of facial expression.

QUICK FIX: This is where I’ll give my a shortened version, pros, cons, etc.

Pros: Like the dark concept, good highlights of each member, flashes of brilliance choreo-wise

Cons: Overall choreography not that exciting, some points lacked energy and facial expression / mood of the song was somewhat confusing.

MVP (Most Valuable Performer): Victoria!!!! Victoria seemed to be hitting all the moves with a sharpness that was lost at some point in the other members and while Luna didn’t really do anything wrong, her facials were a big part of the confusion for me.

VictoriaFINAL SAY: Enjoyable and entertaining but not really anything special. Hope to see more of f(x) (w/ Amber) soon.


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