Starter Kit: SHINee

By now you’ve probably heard SHINee’s latest title track, “Lucifer.” If you’re new to them, or can’t get enough of them, we’ve put together this SHINee Starter Kit in case you want to learn more about them or want to take a trip down their discography. SHINEE (pronounced like “shiny”), consists of Lee Jinki (Onew, the leader), Kim Jonghyun (the main vocalist), Kim Kibum (Key), Choi Minho (the rapper), and Lee Taemin (the youngest).


If you’re new to SHINee, you might not have guessed that they began as an R&B idol group that debuted in 2008 with the single, “누나 너무 예뻐 (Replay).” While their albums (mini and full) contain mostly R&B inspired ballads and beats, most of their title tracks since their debut have mainly fallen into the electro-pop and techno genres. Here’s a quick list of their albums to-date and the songs we recommend you check out to get your SHINee fix 🙂

The SHINee World (2008) Chariteee:  “My favorite SHINee album. I pretty much liked each and every single song but there are definitely some that are standouts.” So if you don’t have enough time to listen to the entire album or aren’t sure if it’s worth your time, here are some tracks to check out (check out the repackaged album since it has songs that the first version of the album doesn’t have):


2009, Year of Us

Lucifer check out charitee’s review

SHINEE TREND: Fashion and Style Androgynous, gangster, chic; they’ve done all of it and more. The term SHINee trend was coined for the influence on Korea’s younger generation. SHINee has been criticized and praised for their fashion statements; whether or not it works for you, we’re all sure to agree that they’ve never played it safe. Check out this seoulbeats’s post for more!

OUTSIDE THE SINGING When they’re not dominating the music scene, they’ve been all over variety and reality shows doing all sorts of things, including dating (Shinee’s YunHaNam) and have even taking care of babies (Hello Baby; here’s a kBites post).


Of course there’s a lot more SHINee out and about. So leave a comment and share your favorite SHINee performances, tv appearances or even interesting/cute facts about the group we love!


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