The Queen by Son Dambi

the short of it: A slightly-above average and very eclectic album, consisting mostly of tracks of the kind you wouldn’t skip over during whole-album listens and that you slightly enjoy, but are understandably not chart-topping songs.

take-a-fourth: Can’t U see
TrackList: 1) Db Rider 2) Queen 3) Beat Up By A Girl 4) Can’t U See 5) Super Duper 6) Queen (Inst.) 7) Can’t U See (Inst.)

After my first initial listen to the Queen, I was slightly confused as to what kind of music Son Dambi produces. “dB rider” is a good trance-ish song, “Queen” is a decent Ke$ha-type song, “Beat Up by a Girl is an okay rock song, and “Super Duper” is an interesting alternative song. My main point, if it weren’t already clear, is that it’s a very eclectic mix, but it says something about Son Dambi that despite all these shifts, she pulls them off.

It’s my first time hearing Son Dambi, so bear with me as I get used to her voice, which I think is somewhere between Kylie Minogue’s and BEG’s Narsha’s. The great thing about it is that while it’s dynamic enough to suit the vocals trance music requires, it also has enough quality and rasp to pull of the rock song. I believe it is due to her maturity. The problem, however, is that saying that “Queen” is the album’s most marketable song isn’t saying much. Having just written the review on 4Minutes’s HuH, you realize that the opposite is just as big of a problem, namely when your songs aren’t addictive. Queen is a decent song, yes, but I doubt it will get stuck in your head, at least not compared to the songs against which it’s currently competing: SHINee’s “Lucifer”, SuJu’s “No other” or even Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl”. If there were a song that makes the album noteable, it’s “Can’t U See”: a straightforward love song with a good piano accompaniment as well as a strong steady beat. Ironically, it’s when Son Dambi isn’t trying to do much,  that she succeeds the most.

As for how eclectic it is, it’s something we see a lot nowadays. To be fair, it is the Pop Music kind of eclecticism. This means Son Dambi doesn’t actually commit to a particulary genre in each song, i.e., dB Rider wouldn’t sound very Trance to someone versed in it, but one can certainly tell that’s the direction. I will decline to pass judgment on it, except for the fact that it leaves listeners with a penchant for one genre a bit dissatisfied.

1) dB Rider 2) Queen 3) Beat Up by a Girl 4) Can’t U See 5) Super Duper 6) Queen (Inst.) 7) Can’t U See (Inst.)


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