A New BLOG…Wait, WHAT?!

Rain’s Vol. 2: It’s Raining. That was the first kpop album I ever listened to and is what introduced me to kpop five to six years ago. Watching Rain (비) dance sexily with water falling down his face in the “It’s Raining” MV and then seeing him showing off his aegyo in the “I Do” choreography was enough to get me hooked. After Rain, it was Shinhwa’s ( 6th album and after that, I can’t even remember what happened because it all kind of avalanched together. When I first started my obsession with KPOP, I don’t think I ever looked or listened for quality. It was all about exposing myself to as many artists and songs as I possibly could regardless of whether they were good or bad…and I ate it ALL UP. As the years have gone by though, I feel like I’ve become a little pickier towards the music I like and appreciate. Maybe it’s me being a kpop snob or perhaps I’ve actually developed my own taste in kpop music instead of just loving everything (or again, maybe I’m just being a pretentious snob). Regardless, it’s this (somewhat) newfound pickiness that has motivated me to start this blog. I want to write down my thoughts on albums in a somewhat organized manner. I debate all the time with my friends all the time over what’s hot in kpop, why not just do it on the internetz for everyone to see?! I’m not exactly sure where this blog is headed or if it’ll even be something that people will read. I just know that it’ll be full of opinionated (but hopefully fair) reviews of the latest (and maybe older) kpop artists, songs and albums. Feel free to agree, disagree or whatever with what we have to say. That being said, welcome to KPOP UNWRAPPED.

P.S. If you want to learn more about our writers or what our blog is all about, check out our “About” page. Also, we’re kind of under construction so bear with us.


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